This post is a roundup of some of the tracks I’ve enjoyed over the last few months.

Porter Robinson

Porter Robinson released Worlds in August and I have very much enjoyed it. The brand of electro house is a break from some of the more dubstep oriented tracks of Spitfire, but not to any detriment. Worlds has an epic and uplifting sound and is full of creativity.

These are a couple of my favourites from the album:

The Glitch Mob

For reasons best known to themselves, The Glitch Mob have made available on Soundcloud the entirety of their incredible 2014 release: Love Death Immortality. I don’t know how to describe what it is the band do really - it’s on the darker side of EDM but the music is often as anthemic as it is gritty.

Love Death Immortality is certainly worth a listen:


This came up on Hype Machine but couldn’t seem to break the top 5. Killer Whales has the same fun and energy found on the band’s small back catalogue:

Tom Misch

Tom Misch is an incredibly talented multi instrumentalist. I’ve followed his music with interest since his bittersweet collaboration with Carmody - The Last Song.

These are a couple of tracks that I’ve particularly enjoyed and ones which showcase his contemplative mellow style:


Pacey folk with lovely harmonies from Astronauts:


Gorgeous and gritty electro pop from Humanoids: